2011 MatSu Indexed LiDAR

This delivery contains point cloud data collected in 2011 by Aerometric which was indexed in 2013 (Datum shift) by TetraTech using survey ground points collected in 2013 by GeoVera. The result of the TetraTech indexed 2011 Matanuska-Susitna LiDAR verification shows that the vertical accuracy meets the ASPRS specifications for 3-foot contour interval. The verification was performed over the area comprised between PRM 31 and PRM 147 only. For that reason, caution must be taken in areas beyond the previously indicated project river miles.


Data Type:GIS
Start Date:2013/08/23
End Date:2013/09/06
Primary Agency:Alaska Energy Authority
Primary Agency Type:Industry/Consultants
Funding Agency:Alaska Energy Authority
Funding Agency Type:Industry/Consultants
ISO Topics:elevation
Name: Name: Smith, Dan
Position: AEA SuWa Data Manager
Email: DSmith@aidea.org
Phone: (907) 771-3000

Data and Resources


Map Layers

NameURLLayer Names
WMS :: MatSu 2011 Lidar BW Hillshadehttp://matsu.gina.alaska.edu/wms/lidarBW Hillshade

Direct Record Link: http://gis.suhydro.org/raster-data/2011-matsu-indexed-lidar/